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Not only are there are a lot Nashville Tourist Attractions to be found in Nashville but there are so many fun things to do you'll be glad you came to visit Nashville.

My name is Donna and I want to welcome you to this website. My husband Danny and I have lived in Nashville for the past 15 years and we love it here.

Christmas Singers

The Christmas season is coming up and there is no better place than to spend it in Nashville Tennessee. There are lots of Christmas plays and musical concerts not to mention shopping in Nashville. It is a great place to spend the holidays.

Nashville is all about having fun.

No matter where you go in the city of Nashville you can find something fun to do.

There are lots of annual events, shows, and concerts to be seen.

You will also find some good old southern hospitality here.

People here are so friendly.

Downtown Nashville

Visiting downtown Nashville is a fun and unique experience. Just walking around on Second Avenue and Lower Broadway is pretty neat. This is the major spot for Nashville Nightlife You can hear live music coming from the bars and nightclubs while you are walking around outside.

Downtown Nashville is the center for Nashville Entertainment Here you will find the large performance halls where you can hear concerts see plays or sporting events.

The are some Nashville tourist attractions in downtown Nashville like the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Ryman Auditorium.

If you are a sports fan you can see the Tennesse Titans and the Nashville Predators play in downtown Nashville.

A lot of Nashville Tours begin from downtown Nashville. They are a great way to see the city without having to drive.

You can see why downtown Nashville is so popular.

More Nashville Fun

The Grand Ole Opry is located in the Opryland/Music Valley area and it is probably the most popular Nashville tourist attraction. Nashville is the only place where you can see the Grand Ole Opry live.

Opry Mills Mall is also here. This is an outlet mall and it has a lot of unique shops in it as well. There is a train inside for kids to ride. It also has some unique restaurants like the Rainforest and the Aquarium.

The place to catch the General Jackson Showboat is in the Opry Mills parking lot. The General Jackson is a floating dinner theater.

There are some campgrounds in this area and you can play miniature golf or ride go carts here. There are also several nice Nashville Restaurants in this area.

What Else?

Nashville Museums and historical sites are scattered out all over the city and they are well worth visiting.

Nashville Parks are also spread out over the city. Several of them have golf courses. A few of them have special events that are a lot of fun.

There are two outdoor water parks in Nashville and both of them are a lot of fun.

Did I mention Nashville Events? I have to say that there are a lot of fun annual events, many of them are free and a lot of fun.

There are plenty of great hotels and Nashville Restaurants all over the city as well.

As you can see Nashville is all about having fun. It is a great place to visit. There are plenty of Nashville Tourist Attractions to see and so much more. Make your next vacation a Nashville Vacation

Donna's Corner


I want to welcome you to Nashville and to my website. I will do my best to keep up to date materials for you.

I hope you enjoy Nashville as much as I do. Thank you for visiting Nashville Tourist Attractions and

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The Nashville Flea Market is one of the largest in the country. It is located at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds as well as the Nashville Speedway and other Nashville events.
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Nashville Golf Courses
Nashville Golf Courses are abundant in Music City. Several of the Nashville parks have golf courses. There are also a few public golf courses in Nashville that are not in the parks.
Nashville Parks, golfing, boating, festivals and more
Take advantage of the Nashville Parks wile you visit Nashville. You will find, lakes, hiking trails, picnic areas and playgrounds at some of the parks and some have festival and events to enjoy.
Football Tackles, NHL Hockey Fights and more in Nashville.
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Find Nashville Nightclubs in Nashville hotspots, Music Row, West End and Music Valley. You're sure to enjoy the Nashville Nightlife in these hotspots.
Hotels in Nashville Tennessee
Whether you are looking for hotels in Nashville Tennessee near Nashville tourist attractions or your here on business you are sure to find a hotel that will meet your needs.
Opryland Hotel Nashville TN
Opryland Hotel Nashville TN is much more than a hotel, it is more like a Nashville Tourist Attraction, especially during the Christmas holidays.
Motorhome Camping or Pop up Tent Camping in NashvilleTenn
Whether you are Motorhome Camping or Pop Up Tent Camping you're sure to have a great time camping in Nashville Tenn.
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Corn Mazes in the Nashville area.
Corn Mazes are almost an autumn tradition in the South. Here are some in the surrounding areas of Nashville.
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Country Christmas Music and more!!!!
There are several Country Christmas Music shows and other holiday shows and events in Nashville Tenn that you are sure to enjoy.
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Nashville TN News is easy to find in Nashville. There are four local nashville tv stations that provide news as well as a variety of nashville newspapers.
Weather in Nashville
The weather in Nashville can change pretty quickly. This is a brief overview of Nashville weather.
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Wildhorse Saloon, live music and dancing every night
The Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville Tennessee is a great place to go when you are looking for a night of music and dancing. This in one of the Nashville bars that has a huge dance floor.
Opry Mills Mall, back to school shopping and more.
Doing your Nashville shopping at Opry Mills Mall is unique and fun. You'll find a huge variety of stores for your shopping pleasure.
Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway, an exciting night of stock car racing.
The Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway has been around for an amazing 52 seasons and provides a great night of entertainment. This Nashville speedway has an exciting night of stock car racing.
Happy Hours App: Free download for Nashville Bars and Nashville Nightclubs
Have you ever wanted to know when the Happy Hours are at your favorite Nashville Bars and Nashville nightclubs? Well now you can get them at your fingertips.
Nashville Childrens Theatre
Nashville Childrens Theatre (NCT) has live performances that the whole family will enjoy. Nashville has a lot of great places for kids and this is one of them.
Miss Jeannes, mystery dinner theater, mystery games and more
Miss Jeannes Mystery Dinner Theater in Nashville: This fun mystery dinner theater is a great date idea. With good food, acting, singing, and comedy its just plain fun.
Nashville Library: The Nashville Public Library is a great place for kids.
The Nashville Library is a wonderful place to go when you visit Nashville. Libraries are great places for kids and adults. The Nashville Public Library has a lot of free events for kids.
Nashville Christmas Parade
The Nashville Christmas Parade is wonderful way to start the holiday season. It is a lot of fun and it is free. Nearly 80,000 people attend this Nashville event annually.
Music City Bowl
The Music City Bowl is a post-season collegiate football game between the (SEC) Southeastern Conference and the (ACC) Atlantic Costal Conference. It is one of the most popular Nashville events of th
Christmas Lights to Music: Christmas Wonderland in Nashville TN
You will find Christmas lights to music at Shadracks Christmas Wonderland in Nashville TN. This is an awesome light show set to Christmas music.This is the newest of the annual Nashville Events.
Nashville New Years Eve Bash
The Nashville New Years Eve Bash in downtown Nashville on lower broadway is the place to be on New Years Eve. It is one of the most fun Nashville events of the Year.
New Country Music Artist at the Country Showdown, Annual Nashville Events
New country music artist show off their talent each year at the annual Country Showdown. This is a competition of country music singers across the country. It is one of the FREE Nashville Events.
Things To Do In Nashville With Kids
There are a ton of things to do in Nashville with kids. There are parks, playgrounds and museums that kids will love visiting. Here are a few things to do that will be fun for both kids and adults.
What to do in Nashville Music Valley in a day .
What to do in Nashville Music Valley in one day is not too hard to decide. The Grand Ole Opry and Opry Mills Mall are just a couple of things to put on your Nashville things to do list.
Nashville TN Attractions for FREE: Tennessee State Museum and more.
You can see several Nashville TN Attractions for free. To make the most of your Nashville vacation plan on visiting some of these sites.
Nashville Tennessee Attractions on a Budget
Want to see Nashville Tennessee Attractions on a Budget? Here are some fun things to do in Nashville that are a that won't break your budget. These are great places for kids and adults to visit .
The Rutledge Live Music Venue: Fun Nashville Bars
The Rutledge Live Music Venue is one of the fun downtown Nashville Bars.
Fontanel Mansion, the newest Nashville Tourist Attractions
The Fontanel Mansion is a site to see.It was the former home and farm of country music star Barbara Mandrell. Now it is a favorite of the Nashville tourist attractions with live entertainment.
Nashville Film Festival
The Nashville Film Festival comes to Nashville Tennessee just once a year but it is worth seeing. Film creaters from around the world come to feature their films at these annual festival and events.
Nashville Marathon: The Country Music Marathon Rocks
The Nashville Marathon is actually named the Country Music Marathon. It is one of the largest Nashville events held annually every spring. About 30,000 flock to Nashville Tennessee for the race.
Tennessee Wineries gather in Nashville for a Wine Festival
Tennessee Wineries gather in Nashville for
Horse Riding Games at Steeplechase in Nashville
Let the horse riding games begin. The Iroquois Steeplechase is one of the most fun Nashville events that you will ever attend. You don't want to miss this horse racing event.
Tennessee Agricultural Museum: Nashville Museums
When you visit the Tennessee Agricultural Museum you will feel like you just stepped into the past. This is just one of the Nashville Museums that take you back to the pioneer days of rural Tennessee
Nashville Events 2: July throught October
Nashville Events 2 is your directory to annual festival and events that are going on from July through October in Nashville Tennessee. Plan some of them into your Nashville vacation.
Nashville Events 3: October Events
Nashville Events 3 is all about fun events in October in Nashville. October is full of festival and events for you to choose from not to mention all the Halloween activities.
Nashville Events 4: November and December Annual Events
Nashville Events 4 is all about Nashville Events in the months of November and December. There are many Christmas shows and festival and events that you will want to see.
Nashville Convention Center, The place for Nashville Events
The Nashville Convention Center is the best spot to find or have Nashville Events. It is located in the heart of downtown Nashville Tennessee.
Centennial Park in Nashville Tennessee: Nashville Parthenon, Nashville Concerts
Centennial Park is probably the most popular park out of all of the Nashville Parks. The park itself is beautiful with some statues around the park.
Long Hunter State Park is one of the nicest Nashville Parks,
Long Hunter State Park is not very far from dowtown Nashville and offers a lot of fun and relaxation. This is the only one of the Nashville Parks that sits on the shores of J Percy Priest Lake.
Pucketts Restaurant in Nashville Tennessee.
Pucketts Restaurant is a wonderful place to eat. When a restaurant is packed and people are lined up out the door you know they must have great food. This downtown Nashville restaurant has just t
American Artisan Festival
The American Artisan festival is one of the fun and free Nashville events that happen each year in Centennial Park in Nashville Tennessee. There is always food, music and lots of fun at this event.
Nashville Tours by Trolley
Be sure to catch some Nashville tours by trolley when you visit Nashville. The Music City Trolley Hop is one of the best ways to see historic downtown and several Nashville tourist attractions.
Hot Chicken Festival - Fun Nashville Events
The Music City Hot Chicken Festival is one of the fun Nashville events held every July 4th.
Nashville Ballet: A night of fantastic Nashville Entertainment
See the Nashville Ballet for a fantastic night of Nashville Entertainment. They have some great shows planned at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC) in downtown Nashville this year.
Belcourt Theater is one of the unique Nashville Theaters
The Belcourt Theater is a great place to spend an evening or afternoon for that matter. It is one of the more unique Nashville theaters in that you can see great films, concerts and live theater.
Nashville Predators: Awesome Ice Hockey
Have you ever seen a Nashville Predators ice hockey game? If not you don't know what you are missing. The games are action packed and lots of fun to watch. The fans in Nashville are incredible.
The Greek Touch: A great downtown Nashville restaurant.
The Greek Touch is a great place to have lunch. This downtown Nashville restaurant has some of the best Greek food you'll ever find.
Best BBQ Recipes at the Music City Festival and BBQ Championship
You will try some of the best BBQ recipes at the 3rd annual Music City Festival and BBQ Championship. This festival is just one of the Nashville events held every year in downtown Nashville.
Erisa Rei: Nashville Entertainment Interview with this songwriter.
Erisa Rei is an up and coming blues/roots-rock artist living in Spring Hill, TN not far from Nashville. Want to enjoy a great night of Nashville entertainment? Watch Erisa Rei perform.
TN State Fair
The TN State Fair one of the largest Nashville events to look forward to every year. Every year in September the Tennessee State Fair has concerts, rides, contest, shows, races and more.

Nashville Things to Do

Cheekwood Knights Live music and cash bars throughout the Cheekwood gardens from 6:00-9:00 on the first Friday of every month June - October

Centennial Park Every Wednesday in June watch Free Movies in the Park at Sunset at the Centennial Park Bandshell

Musicians Corner is also at Centennial Park every Saturday from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 pm. It is a great way to spend an afternoon.

Full Moon Pickin Parties These parties are fun events for the whole family. May - October

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